Mills Road Baptist Church


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Small Groups at Mills Road Baptist Church

As part of a healthy body life, members are encouraged to participate in a home group as an opportunity to pursue the following at a more practical and intimate level:

  • Growing in the grace of Christ through Gospel and Community
  • Carrying out the many New Testament "one anothers"
  • Cultivating deeper relationships centered around Christ
  • Providing and receiving accountability
  • Wrestling with God's Word together
  • Modeling submission to King Jesus in all of life to any visiting outsiders
  • Fostering one-on-one relationships

Small groups meet either twice monthly or every week.  Each group studies a book or DVD series together, and spends time in prayer and interacting with gospel intentionality.  Some groups share a simple meal at each gathering.

For information on current groups, their respective studies, and accessibility to new members, please contact the elders.